1. Good morning.

2. This is...speaking.

3. Could i speak to...please?

4. I'm trying to contact...

5. I'm calling on behalf of...

6. ... speaking, how may i help you?

7. May i ask who's calling, please?

8. Could t speak to someone who...?

9. 1 would like to make a reservation please.

10. Could you hold on a moment, please.

11. I'm sorry, he's out of the office today.

12. I'm afraid my English isn't very strong, could you speak slowly please?

13. Can I leave a message please?

14. Thak you for calling.


1. Hi, it'

2. Is... there?

3. I'm in the post office at the moment, and i just needed...

4. Hello, John's phone.

5. Who is it?

6. Just a minute.

7. Okay, wait a moment please.

8. out at the moment.

9. Sorry, I didn't catch that.

10. I can't hear you very well.

11. I'll ask him to ring you when...gets back

12. I'll let... know that you rang.

13. Bye.

14. Talk soon.

15. Speak to you again.


Credit: Premium Language Centre