Susah sangat ke subjek Bahasa Inggeris ni? Tak pernah skor A? Kerap dapat B, C, D dan gagal dalam peperiksaan?

Guru Cemerlang bahasa Inggeris, SK Bandar Rengam, Kluang, Johor, Cikgu Marina Fadzil ini berkongsi tip bagaimana calon UPSR boleh skor A subjek bahasa Inggeris.


1.  The UPSR candidates should have covered all the topics in the textbook.

2.  The candidates should know all the grammar rules and usage. Example: articles, tenses, preposition, adverbs and conjunctions.

3.  Read the questions carefully. Identify the grammar items and the keywords. Don’t forget to underline them.

4.  Know at least the basic proverbs, idioms and expressions. This is for  question 6.

5.  For the punctuation questions, read every choices of answer. Circle the error. Choose the best answer.

6.  For reading comprehension , candidates are advised to read the linear or non-linear text at least twice. Try to understand them. Use the skimming and scanning techniques when looking for the answers.

7.  Understand the need of the questions. Pay special attention to the word except, describe, suggest, and give opinion.

8.  For section B, question 21, look at the picture and try to understand the situation. Remember in the dialogue… one of the person ask or say something. The answer should be relevant to the picture. IMPORTANT!! The higher speech bubble is the first speaker.

9.  For questions 22-25… underline WH Questions. Underline where you get the answer from the text.

10.  Pay special attention to punctuation. Make sure you start with capital letters, and don’t forget the full stop at the end of the answer.

11.  Read and follow the instruction. Understand the need of the questions.


1.  Section A: Read the information in the graphic. Read the passage given without looking at the answer. Eliminated the unwanted words.  Transfer the correct answer. Check for your spelling. REMEMBER!! Each blank is not only for one word. It can be phrases.

2.  Section B (i) : Read the advertisement given. Answer the subjective questions carefully.

3.  Section B (ii): Read and understand the instruction.

4.   Candidates have to know all the writing format such as formal letter, informal letter, email, message, speech and greeting card. Candidates are also advise to know how to read a map.

5.  Section C : Candidates have to write to express creative ideas. You can use the given words to make good sentences to describe the pictures based on the same theme.

6.  Candidates have to organize the ideas. Look at the characters, setting and plot.

7.  Every story must have the beginning, middle, conflict and the closure.

8.  Pay special attention to sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and legibility.

9.  Candidates are advised to use some of the idiomatic expressions to get good mark. Example: It started to rain cats and dog. I looked high and low to find for shelter and I was drenched  from head to toe.

10.  Do a lot of writing exercise.

11.  Try to answer previous years questions.

12.  Do NOT EXCEEDED the word limit for Section B(ii ) and Section C.

13.  Take care of your health and always ask your teacher  for help.



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