On Time

1. 'On time' means 'at the right time,' 'on schedule'

2. If something happens 'on time', it happens at the time it was planned.

3. The opposite of 'on time' is 'late.'


1. The plane took off 'on time.'

2. I hope the meeting starts 'on time.'

3. Rachel is never 'on time.' She's always late.

4. I arrive at 4 pm, I am 'on time' for the interview.

In Time

1. 'In time' means 'early enough.'

2. The opposite of 'in time' is 'too late.'

3. Just 'in time' means lasmost 'too late.'


1. We'll have to hurry if we want to be 'in time' for the show.

2. We got to the airport 'in time' to have a coffee before checking in.

3. I was about to close the door when just 'in time' I remember my key. (at the last moment)

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